Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bringing a new perspective to the urban landscape - Edward Waite exhibits a contemporary, painterly approach

Recently graduated from the University of Lincoln in Fine Art, Edward’s work draws inspiration from the urban landscape which he captures through constant documentation using drawing, photography and painting.

He defines his role as an artist, by building experiences of places, conveying direct and tangible interpretations of particular landscapes. His work is memory focused as he describes:

“My painting becomes a subsequent response where feeling, reinterpretation and imagination are implicated. A city is unique. Individual interpretation is something that fascinates me and it is this idea that feeds my practice. I choose to work with manmade scenes rather than natural landscapes because I find that the compositions and perspectives are more motivating. The work reflects the city’s visual reality as I perceive it.”

Edward starts the process by drawing. He has entire sketch books filled with continuous marks which enable him to respond to the subject in a quick, direct and portable way, creating a wealth of detailed visual information. The process of walking and drawing creates a relationship between surroundings and self. His desire to repeat this action of documentation aids focus to look again, deeper and harder at surroundings.

Influenced by painters Pollock, Kiefer, Turner and Kline; all exponents of evoking mood through the application of broad gestured, thick paint and surface marks relates to the way in which Edward layers paint to create structure, his self-experience and physicality, as he explains:
“I build up each layer applying the paint direct from the tube, scratching with a palette knife and using broad brushstrokes to create form until I can sense the atmosphere I want.” You can see more of Edward’s work at http://www.artgrad.net/ or you can view his paintings in person at Rogues Gallery in Lincolnshire where he has just started exhibiting. For more information visit their website http://www.roguesgallery.co.uk/.

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