Thursday, 22 September 2011


De Montfort University graduate, Chandni Challa, 24, from Leicester, has won a competition based on a public vote with, an on-line gallery that showcases up and coming young artists’ work.

Over 100 artists from around the world are featured on the site, but just three were shortlisted. After two months of public voting, digital based contemporary artist, Chandni Challa’s work proved to be the clear winner. offers a marketplace for all art graduates to exhibit and sell their affordable artwork in a professional environment, teaming with buyers, collectors and enthusiasts - all searching for contemporary art from emerging artists.
Chandni Challa, who is currently studying an MA in Contemporary Arts at Oxford Brookes University, said: “I’m delighted to be the winner of this competition. It’s reassuring to know that site visitors have enjoyed my work and felt moved enough to vote for it. is a great concept and it’s really helped to give me the profile I need and I’m sure, will help many more like me in the future.”
Her current work explores ‘how people feel and show love’, using canvas, acrylics, spray paint and pen. Challa will be showing her work, ‘Love’ at the Meller Merceux Gallery, High Street, Oxford later this month as part of the interdisciplinary arts festival, ‘in with between’. She said: “It was the curiosity that drove me toward the topic Love, the show will include series of drawings that show the connection between people and how they show love.” Her exhibition is from Thursday 29th September until Thursday 6th October 2011.
Preview is on 1st October 2011 at 3pm at the Meller Merceux Gallery in Oxford
Her prize from was to be introduced to international artist, Graham Short to gain a greater insight into being a professional artist and to receive some ‘hints and tips’ on how to market her work more effectively. Chandni said “Meeting Graham was an honour and has made me even more determined to reach the top”
Maria Potempski,, said: “All the work you see on our site is done by people that have studied art or design at an educational establishment; they are all professionals in various stages of their career development. We are pleased that Chandni Challa has won, she has fantastic talent and I’m sure she will be a great success in the future.”Her work can be seen at

Monday, 12 September 2011

A Wonderful Sense of Colour and Space

Romanian artist Cristina Ficu Stan is now resident in the UK after training at the Romanian Art-school. She has exhibited in a number of exhibitions as a member of Cambridge Open Studios and has already secured commissions for commercial and public interiors.

A painter and illustrator to watch….Cristina has a wonderful sense of colour, space and lyrical approach to applying paint.
See more of her work at

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wanted!!! – by the end of September 2011

Do you work in series of paintings or prints?

A number of our buyers like to buy sets of work – between 3 and 6 pieces, so that the pictures can be grouped attractively in venues such as hotels, restaurants and bars or corporate business reception areas.

We are looking for a variety of subject matter, media and sizes to offer our Interior Designers and Architects …..can you help?

If you are already on email to let her know which images to promote……if your not on the site yet - set up your free gallery as soon as you can then let Maria know for her bulletin to corporate buyers which will go out on the 1st October.

Make sure you state the size, medium, price and if the work is framed or unframed when you upload images to the ArtGrad gallery. It really helps us and other buyers if you describe your work with words that will show up on Google searches – so make sure you use words that describe colours and themes!!!

We look forward to seeing your work very soon!!!!

Monday, 27 June 2011

4G Design & ArtGrad Competition Winner

4G Design who helps retailers and their supplier’s source, manufacture, install and maintain shop-fixtures more sustainably. Have just moved to offices and
as part of their opening celebrations they launched an Eco Art Competition for graduating art students through the online gallery for artists.

This very environmentally conscious company that works with many high street brands, assisting them with resource-efficient ways of designing and developing store equipment, embracing its complete life-cycle from cradle-to-cradle has gone for a real environmental piece. The winner is James Wood of Nottingham Trent University who wins £250 for his piece Entropy 1.

In James’s own words, “My piece named entropy 1 which is a painting placed on the cross section of two pieces of wood. This painting uses different application techniques and different materials that are suitable and represent the particular part of the image being depicted.This image doesn’t depict death as final rather that an end of a life span is the beginning of another, which should be celebrated. Life does not end, it merely changes form. Just as wood and other organic matter has been turned in to fossil fuel through intense pressure and heat they could well lead to the generation of some new species diversity. This piece is showing entropy and through that is dealing heavily with sustainability because in theory of entropy is the ultimate sustainability of everything.”

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Summer 2011 Competition OPENS 15th JUNE

Artgrad is launching its Summer Competition 2011.

It’s a competition with a difference – the judges are everyone, all our friends (yours as well!!) who view the site and those who buy from us too. Everyone has a vote which they can cast on-line through the Artgrad website.

All you have to do to take part is upload your gallery. Then you will receive an email from Artgrad giving you details of your unique URL that will direct people to your site to cast their vote. We’ll also share some advice on how you can help your voting soar by following a few simple steps to encourage your friends to vote for you!

On Artgrad already? Just drop an email telling us you wish to take part and we’ll make sure you are included!

The Prize Winner will be introduced to an International Artist, and have a meeting with him and he’ll explain how he developed his career and give you advice on how you can do the same.

You will also benefit from us raising your profile by featuring you on our blog for one month as well as issuing releases to AN (Artists Newsletter), Art Monthly, Frieze, and your local newspaper – we’ll also give you copies of the documents we write so that you will be able to use them for yourself in the future.

The Artgrad Summer Competition 2011 is a great exhibition platform for you to reach buyers and galleries. And remember to look on the Artgrad site for more information about developing your career on our ‘How To’ section

Start loading your work NOW!
The Competition is launched on the website and facebook on 15th June
All entries to be in by 30th June
Voting closes on 7th July
Announce the winner on the 14th July

GOOD LUCK from everyone at Artgrad!!

Monday, 16 May 2011

International Artist Graham Short Likes ArtGrad!

Famed engraver and International artist Graham Short has become a new fan of ArtGrad.

Graham recently wrote this comment on ArtGrad’s facebook page:
"Congratulations to for providing a superb service, not only to art students but to buyers and investors who are always keen to buy work from emerging, up-and-coming contemporary artists. The opportunity for students to showcase their work is fraught with difficulties. is to be commended for allowing students to show their work, and also for the artist to retain their independence while showing their art to a very broad market. Maria Potempski’s experience gained in PR and Marketing - at the highest level - will allow art students to concentrate on their creativity, knowing they are being guided expertly and securely towards a potentially rewarding and exciting career".
Check out Graham’s amazing work and read the comments of Kevin Roberts CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi

Monday, 9 May 2011

Eco design company 4G Launch Art Student Competition worth £250 in association with

4G Design help retailers and their supplier’s source, manufacture, install and maintain shop-fixtures more sustainably. They are very environmentally conscious and work with many high street brands, assisting them with resource-efficient ways of designing and developing store equipment, embracing its complete life-cycle from cradle-to-cradle.

4G Design have moved into new offices in Kettering and now wish to hold a competition for graduating artists as part of their business launch.

The Competition
The competition is only open to art students who have registered on and have uploaded images (which must be for sale) onto the site.

The prize is £250, to purchase the chosen piece of work.

Entrants have until the 10th of June 2011 to email an image their chosen artwork, with details including it size, media and a short description of why you think it would be an appropriate piece to feature in the reception area of 4G Design.

The judges of the competition will be from 4G Design, The Body Shop, HSBC and E3 – a reclamation and recycling organisation.

Short-listed candidates will be emailed on the 15th June and their work will appear in a ‘virtual exhibition’ at the 4G Design launch event on 23rd of June when the winner will be announced and presented with their cheque.

The winner will also be featured on the Artgrad blog and also in associated press that accompanies the launch of the new 4G Design premises.

If you have any further questions please email for further help.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Figuring Light 2: Colour, Shifting Boundaries - an exhibition at the Atkins Gallery

The exhibition, Figuring Light 2: Colour, Shifting Boundaries is an exhibition curated by the artist John Lancaster and writer Dr Richard Davey. The show of contemporary paintings and sculpture explores colour as the catalyst for generating light, movement and rhythm. An additional visual dynamic is also created, that of a state of constantly shifting form and boundaries. A subsidiary theme continued from the first exhibition Figuring Light, Colour and the Intangible develops the curator’s interests in abstract works that create a deeper and more rewarding experience for the viewer; a spiritual experience operating outside of traditional religious parameters and expectations, where the works provide the opportunity for meditative contemplation.

Exhibiting artists in the show
Barrie Cook explores the ground form relationship through a heightened use of colour to create a luminescent glow in his work.
Ruth Sumner explores the figure ground relationship as an energetic struggle in which both sides fight for recognition and dominance.
Oliver Barrett’s sculpture explores the figure/form relationship through three-dimensional form (sculpture) and space, using colour to challenge and question our understanding and preconceptions of how this relationship is visually interpreted.
John Lancaster’s structures are based on geometry, and he introduces colour to break down the rigid structure thereby creating a flux of shifting form, pattern and rhythm.

Private view is on Tuesday 22 March 6.30 – 9.00pm and the exhibition runs until 23rd April 2011 at the Creative Hinckley Gallery, The Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1QU