Monday, 22 November 2010

Sonnita Soand – Passionate about Colour!!!

Sonnita Soand is a recent graduate from Loughborough University in Multimedia Textiles.

She is inspired by many things in her environment particularly with unusual shapes and textures. However, her main focus in all her work is a vibrant and exciting use of colour.

Sonnita explains: “Themes I have currently been influenced by include Indian food and the structure of bird feathers.

My recent project was based on under water coral; I loved the fine detail and exciting, rich textures of them. My research consisted of photography and fine detailed drawing which I have become passionate about. From here, I developed my research further through a variety of materials and techniques; laser cut acrylic mirror, cut work, hand and machine embroidery, cording along with fabric manipulation. The fabrics I have worked with include silk organza, cotton organdie, hand made paper, acrylic paints, pvc, and many more. I am passionate about creative Textiles and love creating new colourful pieces that catch the eye. The combination of silk organza and acrylic mirror has become a key feature of work I do now and I am constantly thinking of new themes to work with.”
Sonnita’s beautiful work can be seen on

She is now available for freelance work and commission that are related to interiors, jewellery or fashion. She is also producing her own range of jewellery using acrylic mirror and regular coloured acrylic sheets which are ideal as a contemporary fashion piece.
“Colour is something I am deeply passionate about; I can never work without it!”

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stunningly Beautiful and Unique Illustrations by Clare Dolan

Clare Dolan recently graduated in Illustration from Loughborough University. Her work is quite simply stunning! She is currently seeking experience in the design industry as well as freelance work and commissions. Snap her up now whilst you still have the chance!

Her chosen subject matter is surreal, psychedelic, fantastic or unusual in some way. Clare excels when she is creating something unique and out of the ordinary, loving to create imagery of the impossible, scenes of dreams and other worlds – exploring her imagination to the full.

Her techniques involve manipulating photographs, using all sorts of materials which are moulded into desired positions. Then the photograph, scan or collage elements are combined together digitally.

“I then spend a lot of the time playing around with the layers' styles and positions until I am happy. I'm always trying new things to find more varied and unusual textures and atmospheric feels. To create more unique work, I plan out lots of layouts in thumbnails to try and capture the most unusual and intriguing angle to appeal to the viewer.”

Clare also creates short animations which see believes help improve her composition and story-telling.

“There is more pressure when creating multiple viewpoints for one scene, and animation also allows for more playfulness”.

Go to to see more of Clare’s work or commission something really unique!