Thursday, 21 October 2010

Jessica Middleton – Photographer for the future

Jessica Middleton is studying Photography and Fine Art at Chester University – now in her third year, her passion for photography and fashion continues to develop. Jessica’s first experience of fashion photography was when she was only 12 years old. The shoot at Holborn Studios, London, for a fashion magazine spread started her interest and love of the subject.
“I wanted to indulge in the surreal and fabulous world of fashion but in a way I could create fantasy and dreams to share through the world of photography. I love the way fashion photography gives endless scope to express yourself”.

Her recent work considers the importance of location, contrasting it with fashion.
“In my last project I used a derelict pub for the location shoot; then held an exhibition there complete with champagne and red carpet to greet guests. My images were blown up to a large scale then hung from ceiling, making them seem to float above the event as I didn’t want to cover the location walls. Exhibiting is important -you don’t just see a photograph, you have to 'feel' it too; experience the photographer’s dream.”
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